FYI Wins Coast Guard Contract
by David Sherman

The Department of Homeland Security announced on August 14 that FYI and its Prime General Dynamics, along with a team of partners, was awarded the U.S. Coast Guard’s TISCOM (Telecommunication and Information Systems Command) contract. The 5-year contract runs until August 15, 2014. FYI began work on this project back in 2001 as the prime contractor. Since 2006, FYI has been a subcontractor to General Dynamics.

FYI’s responsibilities on this contract include software and hardware certification, enterprise network monitoring and configuration, software engineering, computer image development, computer security, Exchange management and tier- 3 help desk support.

Gerard Hall, FYI’s TISCOM project manager, oversees the day-to-day operations of three branches of the project including architecture, implementation, and certification. Gerard manages the FYI staff and serves as FYI’s primary liaison with the United States Coast Guard and FYI’s prime contractor.

According to Gerard, the TISCOM team develops, engineers, tests, implements and deploys critical computer support that assists the Coast Guard on a daily basis. The staff has grown over the years to accommodate the changes in the Coast Guard’s mission and technology.

Gerard says, “We provide the Coast Guard with the technical expertise and stability necessary to help lead the way in the development of the IT infrastructure across the entire Coast Guard. Our staff understands both the importance of the mission and the culture of the Coast Guard.”

Dean Godbout, FYI’s Program Director, plays an important role on the TISCOM project, providing FYI corporate support as well as acting as the primary interface for all contractual, financial and reporting requirements for the contract.

Some other key members of the TISCOM team include FYI employees who have been with FYI for as long as 10 years and others who have been with FYI since the project’s inception in October of 2001. On September 9, FYI hosted a kick-off party for the TISCOM staff to celebrate winning the TISCOM contract. Dean and Gerard spoke to the group and thanked them for their continuous hard work as well as their patience during the long and tedious bidding process.