Since 1987, FYI-For Your Information, Inc. has delivered first-rate IT, Management and Training solutions to Federal agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Labor and the Department of Transportation.

FYI understands the challenges IT, Management, and Training Services present within Federal agencies:

  • overcome decreasing budgets
  • increasing risks
  • rapidly evolving technologies
  • shifting departments
  • hard-to-fill and retain top-notch staff
  • ever-changing regulations

Rest assured: FYI stays on top of changing trends and adapts its services to meet your needs and overcome your challenges.

At its beginning, FYI provided comprehensive computer training to the U.S. Coast Guard. Over time, as their needs changed, FYI developed too. 30 years later, FYI has grown to a full service firm, providing IT, management and training solutions to Federal agencies and of course still supporting our first customer, the U.S. Coast Guard.

FYI’s ISO 9001:2008 certification further ensures FYI’s quality performance and comprehensive solutions will exceed your expectations and overcome your challenges.